Thomas Pink High Summer CollectionEdit

Thomas Pink summer collection shirts have been typically designed to make you feel ease and breathe soothingly this summer. You can feel the cool breeze after sunset is gushing thorough out your body making you relieved and relaxed. Designs have been such that a single shirt can be worn as casual or as formal. Whether you tugged in or tugged it out Thomas Pink summer collection will definitely sets you apart!

Thomas pink summer collection
The mix & match of stripes, prints and checks will suite from a youngster to an oldie.  The work wear or party wear shirts in slim fit or in classic fit. Enjoy this summer with Thomas Pink summer collection shirts and flaunt your style with ease and glamour. It’s you who can best define what you are!

The Thomas Pink Twins CollectionEdit

The Thomas Pink Twins Collection is two of a kind. Take a smart, white poplin shirt and add a contrast trim. Next, take the trim fabric and transform it into something entirely different, but with a white trim. The result: a collection made for every event.

Make your own collection with twin shirt combination. Choose your own style with an amazing offer which Thomas Pink has newly launched.  Add your own colours, contrasts and flaunt it the way you want. Make yourself distinguished & refreshing with utmost utilisation of this combo bonanza.

A shirt defines your identity & personality. Jazz up on with the tunes of the time with a mishmash of formal & informal. Thomas pink has shirts to fit your every mood.

Set your own style statement with extraordinary designs that definitely sets you apart from others.  A men’s wardrobe is incomplete without a collection of Thomas Pink shirts be it with classic, slim fit, super slim fit or trendy fit.

Thomas pink shirts are special & exclusive due to its fittings and designs. Classics have its own class with collar and hand cuffs muddle up with unique strips in it. While slim fir or trendy fit has the perfect cut to suite your body. The material is of such that it allows the body to cool, making yourself the most fashionable person around in the crowd.

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Choosing the Right Formal ShirtEdit

The versatility of a formal shirt makes it a top priority when men create their wardrobe. Every person’s goal when picking the perfect formal shirt is to buy with no regrets and purchase it in a convenient manner. There are a number of factors to deal with before choosing the right formal shirt that will fit your sense of style. Once you have the basic knowledge in these considerations, you will be able to select with ease in no time.

The Perfect Fit
The most important consideration is to see whether the formal shirt complements your body type. Thomas Pink formal shirts come in a variety of fits depending on your preference- the Classic fit, Slim fit and the Super Slim fit. You should be familiar with the right length and measurement of formal shirt that fits your body in order to avoid returns and save your money and effort.

Thomas pink2

High quality Thomas Pink formal shirts are made by 100% cotton. Thomas Pink materials are made from 100% Egyptian cotton with lustrous poplins and silky fabric. This kind of fabric gives the person wearing it, a cool, light and comfortable feeling because of the fine yarns. There is a vatiety of fabrics that will make you comfortable that you can choose from.

Different ocassions  require different hues of colours suiting for the event or the current state of the person wearing it. Neutral colours such as black, white, brown and grey are usually fit for business or work related happenings. Although, at the present time, more and more men opt to wear lively and vibrant colors like pink, purple, yellow and red. This goes to show how men’s taste in fashion also evolve through the ages. Thomas Pink offers a wide variety of coloured formal shirts that you can choose from, whether you are the person who loves to stick with neutrals or the person who loves to play with different shades of clothing.

Gone are the days when almost everyone wore plain shirts. A lot of experimentation on fashion has taken place through the years, which led to people taking the risk of wearing patterned and printed shirts. Printed shirts can be checkered or striped. Even printed shirts are now used for formal or work related gatherings. They say it’s hard to pair a printed formal shirt with a tie, but the truth is, anyone will be able to pull off a great style with prints and patterns.

Another helpful tip is to read on reviews or what people think about the item you want to buy. A little reserach means a lot. By then, you will be able to look at the pros and cons of the product that you are going to buy. And don’t forget to look at the details like stitches, buttons, cuffs and the collar.

An Exclusive Collection from the Thomas PinkEdit

Gingham collection1

Thomas Pink Gingham Collection

Thomas Pink Gingham Shirts Collection emerges to be the outstanding brand. Originally, the Thomas Pink assembles the awesome anthologies of men’s shirts, ties, accessories and women’s stylish tops, casual shirts, skirts, jackets and manifolds other exciting items. The company starts with the fascinating story of a Pink coat. Now, this amazing Pink coat was fabricated out of a crimson piece of cloth. The person who fabricated this astounding portion of cloth is recognized as Mr. Pink and here lies the story of the Pink Coat. Now, come to the prominent collection that is the Gingham collection from the Browse the vivid striped Gingham check shirts that would give you a separate identity in the crowd. The exclusive collection of the Gingham shirts displays a 100 double Oxford that is the elite piece of cloth mended only for Thomas Pink. It incorporates a cross fiber that you would discern on the end button of your shirt that carries the unique trademark of the company. Another significant attribute that your Gingham shirt represents is the diamond brand that is weaved for the Gingham shirts only.

Classic Women’s White ShirtsEdit

It’s not only the men who are entitled to have white shirts, there are Thomas Pink Women's White Shirts today too that women should stock up on due to their versatility in terms of style.
Womens white shirts

Thomas Pink is known not only for the men’s shirt they sell. They also carry white shirts for women like the Abigail Shirt. It is an affordable white shirt that women should have today. You can have this comfortable shirt for under a hundred pounds. It only costs a mere 99 pounds online.

Because it is made from 100% cotton, like all other shirts from Thomas Pink, it is comfortable to wear at any time of the day. Women will surely look clean and stylish with this shirt on.

The Abigail shirt goes together well with any jeans in a woman’s closet. Slacks would also be great to pair with this shirt. It doesn’t matter if the events you are attending is a formal dinner or a fundraiser, you can wear this versatile shirt with a pair of slacks on and still look presentable for those.

Women’s white shirts are a must-have for the working woman as well which is what makes this Abigail Shirt from Thomas Pink an essential for most.

How to tie a bow tie videoEdit

How to tie a bow tie - Tying a bow tie video01:24

How to tie a bow tie - Tying a bow tie video

Plain colored bow ties tied around the neck can complete what is either a nerdy ensemble or a fashionable one. These ties aren’t just for the nerdy ones. Men who would like to be fashionable in formal events must have this and wear it, too.

These accessories come in different colors. Thomas Pink has one in the color similar to that of wine. It is also made of 100% silk. This makes the bow tie from Thomas Pink a sophisticated and luxurious addition to any look males might have planned for a dance and some other formal event. It is one fashionable accessory that is a must-have, an investment in men’s closets.

A simple men’s shirt in pink or in white can be brought to life with the bow tie from The next time you come to attend an event, perhaps a dance, then this could be a great way to color and simple detail to what is a dull outfit.

The bow tie from Thomas Pink is of good quality for the price of 30 pounds. It will surely last long under your care. Stocking up on these silk bow ties in multiply colors, including wine, will give you more options the next time you dress up for a formal or semi-formal event.

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